Thursday, November 01, 2007

Presidential Candidates Just An Act??

News Satirist Stephen Colbert is running for president! In South Carolina. Yes, I know this is old news. The newsfolk have a way of regurgitating old news and Colbert for President continues to be the news pet. In fact, I am pretty sure this is the most Colbert has been stroked, ever. I wouldn't be surprised to see Stephen doing silly pet tricks on Letterman some night. (Okay, he's been there...10/10/07)

Some reporters wonder if we should take Stephen Colbert's run for the president seriously, and if perchance Stephen Colbert were to become president, who would actually be running the country: the character or the real Stephen Colbert?

Why do they wonder? These concerns seem so... strange. Look, Stephen Colbert is a satirist and a patriot who wants the best for his home country. His stage character is an uber-patriot, and isn't that the kind of president we want? Colbert uses comedy as his medium to get us citizens to think and to do our patriotic duty. We should take his run for president satirically, not so much serious, and enjoy every last bit, because life without humor is sad.

Why worry if the character or the real Stephen would run the White House if elected? Why think Stephen is only out for the drunken college student vote? Why treat him any differently than any other candidate for president? Just because he is out to make you laugh?! Think about it. Colbert is a character. Clinton is a character. Obama is a character. Edwards is a character. Romney is a character. Guilliani is a character. Okay, I admit, these guys make me laugh, too, but I don't think that is their intention. They are all acting. Do you think these candidates act this way in privacy?

The whole charade of the presidential campaigning season is all an act. Colbert exemplefies that whole notion. At least Colbert is honest about his act. The rest of the candidates I would be more leary. So, let's just call it even and have a few laughs together.

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