Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Iowa Stops Funeral Picketing

Can you believe that someone would want to have a protest at a funeral? Get this: A Kansas City church wants to protest at an Iowa National Guardsman funeral. Why? Because this church believes that our soldiers are dying because they are fighting for a country (the US) that allows homosexuality. This article went so far to say that God is killing our soldiers! What kind of weed is this church smoking??

Jesus did not protest at any funerals. In fact, when one of his diciples wanted to bury his father, Jesus said, "let the dead bury the dead." What did Jesus mean? Are funerals a folly? A waste of time? Thus, would this mean that protest at a funeral would be doubly foolish?

Maybe this Kansas City church doesn't follow Jesus, because Jesus would not lead them down the road to protest at a funeral. "Let the dead bury the dead."

Monday, April 24, 2006

Changes on the Blog Front

Ok, today I am going to get a lot less political and a lot more personal. Maybe this whole blog is going to change. There's a whole heck of a lot of blogs out there that are doing way more research into the progressive, purple movement than me. Sure, I might bring some things up ever so often that catch me a bit funny politically that I may blog, but really, I am being redundant here.

If you want to read some good progressive blogging, go to
Len Hart does quite a job of finding and connecting the political dots, and some of the pictures he creates are rather interesting. That blog will get you thinking. At least it does for me. Bravo, Len!

Anyway, Indigo Lake is going to transform a bit into more of a leisurely place to sit back, chat about what's on your mind kind of blog. Please feel free to join in the chat on any discussion that might come up. In my opinion, it's all about perspective, and yours is likely different than mine. So, let's compare sketches and enjoy the company!

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Scarlet Letter

Whenever you put some physical stigma on someone who's done something wrong, something like this is bound to happen. Now, the question is what's worse? Murder or sexual offenses?

Well, that has always been my question, after this law to mark all sexual offenders with the state's scarlet letter. However, murderers are not marked. There is a long list of offenses that an offender/criminal does not have to deal with being marked. Except for sexual offenses.

Are sexual offenses that bad, worse than murder, that everyone needs to be made clearly aware of the offender's presence anywhere? What is the purpose of the sex offender list? How does such a list help to keep our neighborhoods safe?

The sex offender list is a prime example of making people paranoid, creating legal gossip about the offender, and stigmatizing that person for the rest of their life. Might as well just force them to wear the scarlet letter on their apparel.

Now that the scarlet letter has cause two people to needlessly die, will states that have enacted these sex offender lists rethink their law? I hope so.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

George W. Bush: RICO Suave'??

RICO Suave'? George W. Bush?? What do they have in common???

George W. Bush finally admits to being the leaker in the Plame Game... now the blamer is blamed. Well, if the courts ever get to try anything against George W. Bush and his gang, they may use the RICO Act. If that ever happens, die-hard Bush fans will hope that Bush and his attorneys are RICO Suave' enough not to get indicted on such charges because penalties are super stiff with the RICO Act.

Anyone care for some hot, latin salsa dancing?