Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Headlines: DemoIndeRepub... Who Wins? And More!

Ah, HEADLINES for the midweek crisis...

DemoIndeRepub--Where's the Party for Joe Lieberman? Who Wins?
Well, Iraq war loving Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman lost his bid for the democratic ticket to ... who is Ned Lamont? The Republican Party would love it if Lieberman had won or lost, because now they are just reviving the lost Democratic Party propaganda machine. And what a great diversion to this whole Israeli-Lebannon issue! Kill two birds with one stone on this one!! I don't know who wins, but the American people yearning for truth will ultimately lose. Sorry, truth, we are too busy attacking and/or defending the weakness of the Democratic Party.

Cease-Fire? I Thought You Said Seize Fire!
Isrealis push forward to more bombings and a ground war in Lebannon, as contemplations of a cease-fire seem to be ignored. Cease fire--seize fire?? I guess it's either cease fire and seize the day or seize fire and cease the day. Israelis continue to show the world that their policy is about "loving thy neighbor"--to death. Who wins? God only knows.

Fed Up?
The Feds decided on a holding pattern yesterday, but who knows what the future holds. Talks of recession (downers) and inflation (uppers)... Who wins? The ones with the most money. Sigh.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Egads! Headlines...

Egads! Has it really been two months since the last time I blogged? So much going on... so little time.

Let's cut to the chase and debrief the headlines:

Lebanon and the Bombshell
There's nothing like making more terrorists in the Middle East. Al Quada is a has been as Hezbollah is the new catch phrase in terrorism. And there's nothing like a diversion from the Iraq civil war to get US thinking about other interests. Like the never-ending feud between Israel and any country that lies too close to its borders. Has anyone figured out why Israel just can't get along with its neighbors? Is it because Israel drives its boom car around late at night when the Palestinians are trying to get some sleep? Or could it be that Lebanon just has prime real estate that Israel envies so? You can blame the other countries only for so long before you are forced to look at the root of the problem.

Castro Comeback--Again
Fidel Castro, perpetual arch enemy of the United States, continues to survive after surgery on his intestine. You know what else continues to survive? Our embargo on anything from our neighbor to the southeast. How long do we need to continue this to prove--what point are we trying to prove, again?

More Moral Incompetence on the Iraqi Battlefield
And its not from the crazy terrorists. Again our US soldiers continue to embarrass the honor of our country, but you really can't blame them. Really, when you send soldiers off to fight a war with no goals, no mission and no focus, they aren't fighting for a specific cause. They have to psych themselves out. Faced with the reality, they put their game face on as they listen to violent gangsta rap and sexual provocative music. What do you expect?

Sexual Explicit Music Leads to Sex
Of course, all things considered, people are influenced by messages they hear over and over. And what better way to get a message across than the repetitive nature of music?! If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. That is the message here. It is not just about sex, it is about marketing. Those who stand for something are not easily swayed, so forget about them. Go for those suckers who fall for anything, and that's what commercials do and, really, let's get to the root, that's what music does.