Friday, October 13, 2006

Democrats Whimper

Whimper is the sound an injured animal makes. The Democrats seem to be whimpering a lot lately. You'd think that with all the Republican scandals, the Democrats would have licked their wounds and become prepared to attack. Wrong.

Harkin made a comment that practically burst the bubble for many democrats in the room for last Sunday's Democrat Rally. He said that if the Democrats gain the majority in the House and Senate that they will not impeach. Some in the crowd made some noises, most of them sounded like whimpers. I whimpered inside, as well.

Harkin tried to redeem himself by saying that if they didn't want to impeach (the president), because they didn't want Cheney as president. Apparently, that appeased much of the crowd as they clapped and cheered at the comment.

It did not appease me. C'mon, if President Bush is found to be impeachable, who's to say that Cheney also has impeachable advances? I was hoping that it would be the Democrats, but apparently I am wrong there.

Harkin went on to say that the Democrats want to hold them accountable, and they want to investigate. I whimpered. I thought, what's accountable anymore? Hold them accountable is like telling the school yard bully to stop name-calling.

Well, that's all fine and dandy if Harkin wants to take the low road, but why vote Democrat on Nov. 7 if the democrats aren't willing to impeach and punish those who've mangled the Constitution, and to right the wrongs that were made against the Constitution and freedoms of the American people?

Accountability is one thing. Responsibility is taking the bull by the horns and doing what needs to be done to make the Constitution a valid, living, breathing document vital to our country. I hope the Democrats will change their tune, but I won't hold my breath.

Is there anyone out there willing to defend, protect, and resuscitate the Constitution out there? Defending the Constitution should be the platform the Democrats should take, but no, they just sit in the corner and whimper.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Corpus Habeas Corpus?

RIP Habeas Corpus

Once again, the Constitution lies under siege in this new millennium. Thanks to Keith Olbermann for reporting on this grave issue affecting all American citizens.

Olbermann delivers the bad news with such panache that no words I write could affect the same consideration. Have I given Keith Olbermann a Golden Ruler, yet? Well, he deserves one.

For acts of bravery and courage to stand up and protect our Constitution with all its rights and privileges afforded unto us, I hereby grant Keith Olbermann with the Golden Ruler. Mr. Olbermann, please use this Golden Ruler to continue measuring and correcting our leaders to the standards of truth and justice as carried out in the Constitution of the United States, and continue to defend our freedoms and rights, both here and abroad.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Elections Like Drivers Ed

US Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, spoke at the Democrat Rally on Sunday, October 8, 2006. He had an interesting way of discussing the election with others:

Harkin: "As you go out and talk to all your friends and neighbors about this coming election, after church, in your social clubs, down to the local cafe, wherever it might--here at the casino--wherever it might be, when you talk to your friends about the election, keep it simple.

Keep it real simple. Don't get involved in all this, just tell them:

All you ever needed to know about this election, you learned in Drivers Education.

I mean think about it.

If you want to go backward, you put it in "R".

Ok, stick with me here.

If you want to go
forward, you put it in "D"! "

I thought that was too cute. Very nice, Mr. Harkin. I'll have to remember that the next time I get in my car. Ok... "R"=Reverse/Republican... "D"=Drive/Democrat... Republicans are elephants. Democrats are donkeys. Either way, I guess it's a slow go.

Doublethinking the Democrat Rally

There's nothing like getting a bunch of local Democrats together, and last night's rally at Wild Rose Casino in Emmetsburg reaffirmed my belief that Democrats are wild for their country.

Sure, it was like a high school pep rally, with all the rah-rah cheers and coaching staff hyping everyone to think that we can make a difference. Yes, we can make a difference, I thought. Yes, my vote just might make a change in our country's direction.

As an "unbiased" member of the media, I extinguished those thoughts for the rest of the rally.

Note: Although I serve a very, very small base of listeners, I am apparently exempt from the first amendment, lest others think I am partial and drawn to one side simply out of loyalty. Which, to me, is complete hogwash, as I am about as impartial as they come (with the exception of the truth, which I support over any bias I might hold) and I want to expose various perspectives and views that surround an issue.

Iowa Senator Jack Kibbie emceed the rally, in Jack Kibbie style, of course. Local and state Democratic officials and candidates were on hand to voice their views and concerns about the state of affairs. Chet Culver, candidate for Iowa Governor, was there promoting his ideals to lead Iowa. Dr. Seldon Spencer, candidate for US Congress in Iowa's 4th District, spoke how he wants to motivate change in congress.

Same old, same old talk. Go, team, go! Rah! Rah. Rah... Don't get me wrong, rallies are a good way to motivate your base. It's just that they don't usually motivate the people that need motivating. Democrats talk of values and morals, just like the Republicans have done in 2000, 2002, and 2004. Neither side is innocent.

"We are in perilous times...," headliner John Kerry told the standing room only crowd. This Kerry fellar has some "idears", some big "idears" for these perilous times

Kerry's first "idear": Tell the Truth. Ok, Ok... This is a big one, because we all know how difficult it is for any politician to do this, Republicans and Democrats alike. And even those other political parties are not immune. Politicians will do whatever it takes for their constituents, whether they be in Iowa, California, Texas, Exxon, Diebolt or Halliburton. That's just the fact of the political process in the good ole US of A. Kerry went on, saying how he wants to "hold people accountable" and "fire incompetence."

Kerry's second "idear": Export Products, Not Jobs. But how would Wal-mart be able to keep their prices low with a smiley face? We all know that it is better to keep prices low over jobs, because if we gave the lower classes jobs, then that would mean that there is hope, and the only hope there is, is located in Arkansas, and we all know that's where Bill Clinton is from. And that is why Republicans don't want to create any more Hope, because that may create more Bill Clintons.

Kerry's third "idear": Energy independence. Sure, maybe one week of the Iraq war could pay to put an alternative fuel pump in every gas station in the US, but do we really need it? Isn't so much nicer to share, like with the Saudis? They apparently make great bed pals, just ask our president. Moving on...

Kerry's fourth "idear": One of the biggest challenges facing us: Global Climate Change. Kerry says we have ten precious years to change our environment. This is a non-issue for Republicans, because it doesn't exist in the Republican world. 'Nuff said.

Kerry's fifth "idear": A Tax Code that Values Work, Not Wealth. I'm sure Kerry's wife cringes when he starts off on this. What Kerry and others on Capitol Hill fail to realize is that our capitalist society rewards wealth and power. And it is that wealth and power that makes the rules. Which is why the tax code will always value work and tax the working class to the limit, just because it can. Every policy this country has put into place in the last five years, from No Child Left Behind to the Iraq War, is all about winners and losers. None of these policies define an "everyone wins" situation, only because it does not exist in a capitalist country. If we want everyone to win, we'd be called a "socialist" or "communist" country, now, wouldn't we?...

Kerry's sixth "idear": Set a Date for Iraqis to Stand Up for Iraq and Set Up a Democracy for Themselves as much as We Want it for Them. Then, bring our heros home. Kerry explains that having deadlines is how teachers and bosses work. Hasn't Kerry heard the song "You Can't Hurry Love..."??

A wonderful pep rally, really. I just kind of wonder if we aren't playing the wrong game??...

Well, there's my doublethink on the local Democrat Rally. Doublethink. Devil's advocate, if you will. There's always two sides to a story, and then there's the truth. At least, that's how I see it.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Expand Your Vocab: Cerebral Ballsy

Cerebral Ballsy:
n. A form of extreme confidence believed to be caused by a highly motivated brain or by acute brain focus during times of conflict or turmoil, most marked in courageous fortitude and characterized by acheiving control of sensory chaos.
Often accompanied by qualities, such as competence, skill, or knowledge, that are necessary for successful confidence.
related to uber confidence —cerebral ballsied adjective

Cerebral Ballsied:
adj. A confident individual called on their twisted reality or innuendo of the truth by a person inflicted with cerebral ballsy. Getting nailed.