Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jews for Peace

When I first saw the headline "Unorthodox Jews" I admit that I thought they were addressing the issue of the Menorah at Seattle's international airport, but once I read that it was about rabbis attending a holocaust denial conference I thought hell was freezing over. Surely, the Messiah is coming again soon.

Apparently, these rabbis were not there to deny the holocaust, as they believe that it was a part of God's will. They were there because they feel that the current state of Isreal is not a part of God's will and should be dissolved so Jews and Palestinians can live peacefully again.

That is a noble cause. Living peacefully. Let's be honest, can anyone live peacefully in the Middle East? That part of the world has been a hot bed for violence since day one. If peace does happen anywhere in the Middle East, that will be God's will. In the meantime, if rabbis can work for peace, maybe imams can work for peace, too. And then, maybe the rest of the world will follow suit...

Peace in our day? Don't hold your breath. Who knows, though, it might just be on the horizon.